Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disneyland for Xbox 360 Kinect

Yesterday I was catching up on my favorite blogs (my Google Reader gets SO backed up while I'm on vacation!) and saw an interesting bit of information on one of my favorites, Couponing To Disney. This Christmas season will bring us Disneyland on Kinect! We don't have an Xbox 360 (we chose a PS3 and Wii instead) and have had no desire to get one. We just happen to like the games on the others more. But Holy Cool Disney Game, Batman! You can explore the park, hug your favorite characters, ride the rides, and more! I am very tempted to try and get Santa to put this under the tree this year! It doesn't help that after I showed Aaron the video (you can see it here), he started saying how cool the Kinect games are.

Anyway, we may not be getting it this Christmas (we're saying our WDW annual passes will be our Christmas presents to each other this year... along with some stuff for the house we're trying to buy), but it's definitely on the "want" list! :) Do you plan on getting this game for yourself or someone else this Christmas?

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