Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Target Dollar Spot

We're here in the states house hunting and this afternoon we were able to take a trip to Target. I had to check out the Dollar Spot since there is usually something for crafts or some cute Disney things. Today I found quite a few little treasures, but among them were three Disney books.

Sorry for the not-so-nice picture. Our camera's battery died unexpectedly and we have no way of charging it at the moment.

We haven't read them yet (they'll be great nap and bedtime books) but Dumbo and Pinocchio are short versions of the story and Alice in Wonderland is a counting book. I was excited about them since Ashlyn has every princess book EVER... okay, only a slight exaggeration ;) ... and she doesn't have many other classic Disney stories (though she does have a million other books).

I also found Frommer's Walt Disney World with your Family (in the Dollar Spot but in a "Happy Bargains" section) for $2.50. So I guess technically I found four Disney books, but let's just let that slip by. :) It said "New for 2011" on the cover so I grabbed it up. I'm not so sure on the "New for 2011" part since right away after just flipping through for a few seconds I saw that it mentioned you can see characters at Toontown and Ariel's Grotto! I could almost have let the Toontown part pass since it closed earlier this year, but Ariel's Grotto has been closed for awhile! It's not too big of a deal for me since I keep up with that type of news, but I'd be nervous that people who are just going for a fun vacation and don't know any information other than what guide books tell them will be disappointed when they find out that both of those are closed. I'm still going to read it because I haven't been everywhere at WDW and I love reading anything about the parks and attractions if only to bring back memories and make me even more excited about the next time we go. :) But if you're looking for an up to date book, I'd say pass by this one if you see it at your local Target.

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