Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 1

I'm sure a lot of you who are on Facebook have seen random 30 Day Challenges going around. I found out about a Disney one by Your Highway in the Sky and really wanted to do it! Actually I've Linkfound two, but one thing at a time. ;) I decided to go ahead and do it on this blog instead of on Facebook, though. I'm going to post the week's worth each Sunday. I'm very excited!

Since today's Sunday, let's go ahead and start. :)

Day 1: A picture of you at Disney with 10 reasons you’re a Disney lover

10 Reasons I am a Disney Lover (in no particular order):
1. You get the chance to experience all kinds of magic with my family.
2. You can see the love and attention to detail put into everything.
3. It's easy to leave all your worries at the gate and enter your dreams.
4. You can see that if you work hard and put your all into your dreams, like Walt, they can come true!
5. Wherever you may live, there is a sense of family among other true Disney lovers.
6. If I'm having a rough day, all I have to do is listen to Disney music and/or look at pictures from a past trip and I'm transported back and can relive those happy memories.
7. No matter how many times you go to the parks, there is always something new to do or discover. Hidden mickeys, inside jokes, etc.
8. You can skip down Main Street wearing Mickey ears on your way to hug a giant mouse and no one thinks it's weird. ;) In other words, you can totally act like a kid!
9. The fact that my dad grew up with Disneyland (he went the third day it was open, I believe. He was 3.), I grew up with Disneyland (my first time was at 6 months old), and my daughter is growing up with Walt Disney World (her first trip was at 2 months old and she's been there 4 or 5 times... she's 2 1/2 and we live in a different country haha). It's like a family tradition. :)
10. My husband, daughter, and myself love the movies so much we randomly quote one movie or another at least once a day! It's like a game and we always end up smiling or laughing.

If you're doing or start the 30 Day Disney Challenge, please leave me a link to your list!

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  1. Thanks for doing our 30 Day Disney Photo Challenge...and for linking to We came up with this as a nice way to learn more about fellow Disney friends! Can't wait to read the rest of your entries. Love number 7 on your list, by the way...there really is always something new to discover.