Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Halloween Memory at Disney

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I am a big fan of Halloween.  Always have been.  So we jumped at the chance a few years back to go to our very first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We have gone every year since and have had a blast every time! It is hard to pick just one Halloween memory at Disney.  Each year creates new and different experiences that keep us going back.  But I may have to say that our trip in 2011 produced my favorite Halloween memory so far. 

Ashlyn wanted to dress up as Rapunzel, so we decided to make it a little different.  We got her a long,  blonde wig, braided it, and put flower clips in it, like Rapunzel's hair when she visits the kingdom for the first time.  We also took her toy frying pan from her kitchen.  Also, hubby and I dressed up as Rapunzel's parents.  My shirt has the sun emblem on it with the words "Queen of Corona" and hubby wore a matching one that said "King of Corona."  Some people got it while others thought we were talking about the beer.  ;)

We got great interaction from Cast Members, guests, and of course Rapunzel and Flynn.  As soon as Flynn saw Ashlyn's frying pan, he said "Not the nose!"  He also showed her that he had Rapunzel's crown in his satchel!  And Rapunzel saw my shirt and said that she would have to tell her parents about our costumes.  Ashlyn was shy, because she tends to shut down if she is the center of attention, but she was excited about meeting them after the fact.  :) 

It was a wonderful trip, as all ours have been.  I really do recommend going to MNSSHP if you get the chance!  We love it and the parade and fireworks are always amazing! 

Do you have a favorite Halloween memory at Disney?

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