Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disney Dinner

Recently we spent a day at Downtown Disney at WDW. I knew before we went that I wanted to look in Mickey's Pantry for a good children's cookbook. My husband works the night shift a few times a week so I wanted to start letting Ashlyn pick a meal each week from the cookbook that we could easily make together. We ended up getting this cookbook and it is great!

Anyway, last week Ashlyn wanted to make the Cheater's Pizza (english muffin pizzas). So we got all the ingredients and when that night came and we started putting all our toppings on, I realized it would be so easy to make them into Mickey and Minnie pizzas (I tried to make a bow for Minnie out of tomato pieces)!

So I did it to show Ashlyn and she loved it so she made her own Mickey (complete with olive nose and tomato mouth).

It was a lot of fun and super easy to do any time you need a little dose of Disney at home!

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