Thursday, March 22, 2012

Movie Night - Dumbo

We just had our Dumbo movie night.

I focused on the Circus theme for our decorations and everything. It actually ended up being perfect timing, but I'll get to that. :) I found these really cute decorations at Target and couldn't pass them up.

I found these window clings and Ashlyn decorated our back door.

Dinner was hot dogs and macaroni and cheese (hot dogs just seemed like a good circus food). I made a cake for dessert, topped with a modeling chocolate Dumbo, and lined on the bottom with animal crackers. Now, before I post this picture... please don't laugh (or at least don't tell me you did). I can make cute cake pops and can pipe on cookies or cakes really well, but I cannot just straight up frost. Let's leave that up to Peeta Mellark, shall we? And, apparently, I can't work with modeling chocolate. But Ashlyn liked it, so it was worth it. Okay, so... just scroll past it really quickly. ;)

So, before I even started dinner, Aaron called me on his way home from work to tell me that while he was passing the mall, he saw there was a carnival set up in the parking lot! How perfect! So after dinner and the movie, we headed over there. Ashlyn's favorite was the Ferris Wheel, but there was also a Dumbo-type ride!

It was a perfect ending to the day. Now to figure out what our next movie night will be! :)


  1. This is seriously adorable! You are so creative! We had to LOL at the Dumbo cake just the way you described it but its ten times better than we could do. Can't wait to look at the rest of your blog!

  2. I love your Dumbo cake, and I love when days go better than you even planned - ending with a Dumbo-type ride, how adorable! =) Thanks for posting these, I'm starting to plan similar ideas for my two kiddos and you provide some great ideas!