Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Disney Lunch

Another way I like to bring the Disney magic home is by making a Disney themed lunch for my daughter. I am going to start sharing some of the lunches I come up with. I decided this the other day (I was trying to post this the day I made it, but I wasn't able to load pictures until now for one reason or another), when I didn't really have a lot of stuff to choose from since I hadn't planned it, but I thought that would be good because I can show you it's easy to just throw together a Disney lunch with whatever you have lying around.

Here is a simple, Mickey Mouse meal.

A Mickey Mouse shaped pb&j sandwich, a cheese stick, and cheese crackers (since the big cheese has to have some cheese :D ) all on a Mickey glove plate. I honestly really dislike putting a plate of all brown/beige foods in front of my daughter or husband normally, so usually she has some fruit or something with lunch, but we're due for some grocery shopping. ;)

Do you put together Disney themed meals or snacks?


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    1. I'm pretty sure I got them at Target, but it was quite awhile ago. Target is always getting cute Disney kitchen stuff in, so even if they don't have them right now I would keep an eye out for them to come back or for other cute things. :)