Thursday, October 14, 2010

Port Orleans French Quarter

Just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to take a quick trip to Walt Disney World with my family and in-laws. For the past two stays my husband, daughter, and I (with my Dad joining us for our March trip) had stayed at Pop Century (our very first trip was so last minute, we just stayed off property). We have no complaints whatsoever with Pop and would stay there again but still wanted to try something new. After a little bit of research, we decided to try out Port Orleans French Quarter.

In the pictures we found, the resort looked beautiful and there were fantastic reviews. We were very excited to experience it for ourselves.

We came in about 2:30ish on Wednesday, September 22nd.

We did online check-in for the very first time just a few days before (wonderful experience with that, too, by the way). There was really no line for online or regular check-in. But everything was ready for us and we couldn't wait to see our room!

When I called 6 months before to book our room, I requested a corner room in Building 5. I just asked for a standard room and hoped that we would be somewhat close to the water. We went up to our room, which was in building 5. It was a corner room on the third floor overlooking the pool, but the keys wouldn't work. Luckily there was a Mousekeeper right there who checked the number on the keys to make sure we were trying to get in the right room, and let us in to use the phone to call the lobby. All 4 adults were loaded down with luggage and I was also holding our 2-year-old daughter's hand so we were thankful to not have to go back to the lobby with everything. They gave us the correct room number and off we went to find it.

Our room was still in building 5, but this time on the first floor. It wasn't a corner room, but this was our view.

GORGEOUS, right? So much more than we were even hoping for! We were very happy. I think it had to be the first time we've kept our blinds open while in a hotel. It was a very quiet spot. We got to watch the ferry go by and one night heard the horse-drawn carriage go by. ♥ Aaron was a little sad that he didn't know about the carriage because he would have wanted to take me. I told him that we'll save that for when it's just the two or three of us.

The room was clean and inviting. The beds weren't like home or anything, but still plenty comfy.

I loved the entrance to the sinks. It just looked beautiful. I loved that there was a curtain, too. Since we had my in-laws with us, it provided much-needed extra privacy. And we set up the pack-and-play in there so Ashlyn wouldn't be as easily disturbed when she went to bed. It worked out perfectly.

I wasn't able to do much exploring around the resort, but I took a few pictures right outside our room.

All in all, I would highly recommend staying here. Everyone was really nice (Ashlyn loved being handed Mardi Gras beads on two occasions during our stay), the room was clean and comfy, and the grounds were just beautiful.


  1. It looks beautiful! Your view was amazing, I don't blame you for keeping the curtains open, I would have too!

  2. Hello! You have a wonderful blog! I am happy to visit here!