Friday, August 17, 2012

Pretty Perfect Pinterest Post

Okay, so it may not be perfect, but isn't alliteration awesome?  ;)  Anyway, yes I know it's been awhile.  *sigh*  I've missed you!  There's just been a lot going on and then our computer started acting funny so hubby was working on it.  But whatever, I'm going to be trying to post regularly again.  I have a movie night planned for early next week (Flubber) and I will share some fun Disney activities we've been doing for our countdown to our trip.  Technically we haven't really been paying too close of attention to the countdown since we went on a spur of the moment, overnight trip last week and will be going again in a couple of weeks (we got our annual passes last week... hooray!), but some of the activities I had planned were just too fun to not do.  But before I leave, I wanted to share with you a very cool piece of art I found on Pinterest

"Role Model" by Cathy Clark

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