Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Movie Night - Flubber

I've been busy lately planning a lot of things that are coming up (two Disney trips this month, costumes for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, birthday party, etc.), so our most recent movie night, Flubber, wasn't that big.  Which I ended up being okay with because my daughter got bored and didn't want to watch all of it.  She liked the parts with Flubber bouncing around and all that craziness, but when that wasn't on screen, she didn't care at all.  But I think this could potentially be a really fun movie night, so I would like to share with you what we did do and some other ideas I had.

I think a Flubber movie night could be an awesome learning experience, too.  Just make it into a science theme!  We had pizza for dinner (hubby makes THE BEST pizza).  Ashlyn will be 4 in a month, so we didn't get technical with it, but we showed her what it looked like before it was cooked and then after to show how the heat from the oven changed it.  You could probably get more scientific about it with older kids.

We did the same thing with our dessert Flubber (green jello).  Ashlyn helped make it so she saw how it was liquid when we made it and how it became all jello-fied after being in the fridge.  Again, it would be really cool to explain even more to older kids.  We also had some grape molecules (just regular ol' yummy grapes).

It would be awesome to do some cool science experiments for the activities.  And dress up your house like a mad scientist's laboratory!  There is also this Squishy Baff stuff (I've seen it at WalMart as well) that's supposed to make your bathwater all gooey which would be really cool. It comes in green which would be perfect for Flubber night!

We also made bow ties like Robin Williams wears in the movie.

I have some fun plans for an Epcot themed movie night in a couple of weeks, but since this movie night just didn't turn out, we will be doing A Bug's Life next week, too!  I have had lots of fun ideas for that one tucked away, so I can't wait!  Do you have any movies you would like to see movie night ideas for?


  1. Love the bowtie!

    Have you picked your costumes yet? I just got mine over the weekend. I'm going to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas! My daughter (also 4) hasn't made up her mind yet for her costume. She's so indecisive! ;-)

  2. Such great ideas for a Flubber movie night! My kids love experimenting, so I think the science piece would be a big hit here.