Thursday, June 28, 2012

No... Sleep... 'Til Disney!

It's been another week of fun activities to count down to our Disney trip!  Here's a picture of our calendar now.  Doesn't look a lot different, but the column on the left is now gone!

And here's a list of the things we've been doing.

97: Color a Disney picture
*I asked Ashlyn what character she wanted to color (she chose Cinderella), I googled (technically I use Swagbucks) coloring pages, and printed it out.  This is always something she loves to do. *

96: Disney ABC Game
*There are many different ways to play this game.  You could name something having to do with Disney that starts with each letter of the alphabet and either take turns, see who can come up with the most per letter, or anything else.  Since Ashlyn isn't quite at the level where she can think of something that starts with a certain letter, she does know the sounds.  So we read off 3 options and she picked the one with the right letter. *

95: Brave Movie Night
*You can see more about that here.*

94: Sing "P-L-U-T-O"
*This is sung to the tune of Bingo.  "Mickey Mouse, he had a dog, and Pluto was his name-o."  :)  *

93: Make Mickey Pancakes
*We generally use a box mix for our pancakes (just to make it easy on us... but we were out this morning and I made it from scratch) and add things like bananas, chocolate chips, nuts, or anything/combination you want.  We always change it up, but our favorite is just bananas and chocolate chips.  Anyway, there are lots of ways to make pancakes look like the famous mouse... just have fun! *

92: Order customized maps of Walt Disney World.
* These are really cool and free!  We haven't ordered any in a really long time so I thought it was the perfect time.  *

91: Work on Brave sticker book.
* Nothing crazy here.  I had picked up a few more sticker packs on my last trip to the Dollar Store so we could use some for the movie night and some for today. *

90: Disney music marathon
*  This is great with either CDs you have or fun channels on Live365.  Just something fun and uplifting! *

Here are the links to the previous days if you would like to see what else we've done:
Days 100 - 98

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