Friday, June 15, 2012

Movie Night - Lilo & Stitch

Aloha!  We had our latest movie night just a couple nights ago.  We decided on Lilo & Stitch.  We've done a movie night for this before, but it is such a fun movie (and the Dollar Store had a ton of luau-type decorations). 

This night was more laid back than I originally wanted, but I'll talk a little more about that later.  We had a a tiki torch and some leis by the TV (before we put the leis on, of course).

I found a cute little table skirt and fun glasses.

Dinner was Aloha pork skillet and Hawaiian bread.

Dessert was shaved ice!

We only had time for one activity and that was hula dancing!  We watched the hula lesson on the Lilo  & Stitch DVD.  In fact, right after I put a grass skirt on Ashlyn, she started doing her own hula dance.

All three of us were wearing leis and grass skirts and learning how to hula.  :) 

To be honest, I like our first Lilo & Stitch movie night better, but I got distracted by starting to plan our next movie night... Brave!  We will be going to see it in theaters the Saturday after it comes out.  Ashlyn is beyond excited for this movie.  She was kinda watching the Brave episode of Cupcake Wars with me and that was her first look at clips.  Since then she is all about Merida!  She wants books, toys, her birthday party to be Brave themed, and she wants to be Merida for Halloween.  :)  In fact, we didn't have much time for any Lilo & Stitch activities (besides hula dancing) because I really wanted to get Ashlyn this Brave bow and arrow set (which is awesome, by the way... all three of us have a blast with it) and Aaron found out there was only one Toys R Us anywhere close to us that had it and they only had one left.  So we spent the day at the Premium Outlets in St. Augustine.  We are definitely excited about finally seeing the movie!  I will post about our movie night the following Sunday in case you want some ideas if you're going to see it in theaters, too!  But for now, aloha!


  1. Somehow I get behind here! I don't mean to! Your Lilo and Stitch night looks really cute and like a lot of fun. Can I join your family?

    Does Ashlyn go to school or are you going to homeschool? You should homeschool so that you can do disney-themed curriculum and I can get ideas from you about what to do. :) You'd be GREAT at Unit Studies...I made one on Prep & Landing for J.J. this year, and it was lots of fun! I'm considering Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Winnie the Pooh units for this year, but I already have more schoolwork than we can fit into a year so who knows.

    Anyway, I'm getting off track because what I really wanted to talk about here is that bow and arrow set. It looks amazing. Does it actually work, and are those suction cups on the arrows? I can see this in our future...

    Oh, and because I know you'll know...when does Brave come out? I wonder if it will be up at the drive-in...we've never been brave enough to take Sydney to a movie theatre yet.

    1. Ashlyn isn't in school yet but I probably won't homeschool. I've definitely thought about it and we'll probably talk about it again. If she goes to public school, she won't be old enough for preschool for another year yet. I do a little bit of some unit studies I've seen online and they are so much fun. Disney ones would be awesome!

      The bow and arrow set really is so cool. It does work and the suction cups at the end stick really well. We have absolutely no complaints at all!

      Brave comes out on June 22nd... just a week away! We're lucky that we had free movies in an outdoor theater to take Ashlyn to when she was super young so we could test the waters. She sometimes forgets that she has to be quiet and will ask questions or comment, but she does really well in theaters.

  2. I love the table skirt! How fun! One of my favorite movie nights that we have done was definitely Lilo & Stitch, we may have to do it again, too.

    I'm excited for Brave to come out as well! I bought Dawson and Ashlynn a Brave book that I saw at Michaels, they both liked it but Dawson hasn't asked me to read it again. I was hoping the book would get him excited to see the movie but I honestly don't think he cares. haha I really wanted to take him to see it but I think we'll probably wait until it comes out on DVD. For him to see it anyway, I'm going to see it in theaters!! Most likely with my sister and niece, if they decide not to go then me and Dave will go. :P I can't wait to see what you do with your Brave movie night!