Thursday, May 31, 2012

Movie Night - Dinosaur

A few weeks ago, we had a very simple movie night for The Rescuers.  I didn't really take pictures because we were still feeling a little sick and I really didn't know if Ashlyn would feel up to doing anything besides watching the movie.  So a quick recap... we had New York style pizza and New York style cheesecake (the Rescue Aid Society is based in NY).  Another good snack option is beignets since Penny is taken to Devil's Bayou when she is kidnapped.  For games we jumped over an alligator pit (pictures of alligators in between jump ropes... you can move the ropes apart to make it harder as you go) and find the diamond (made a diamond out of aluminum foil and hid it around the house).  Ashlyn definitely wasn't feeling up to enjoying it all, but she did have a blast during our next movie night... Dinosaur.

I decorated the table with some of Ashlyn's bigger dinosaur toys

and she decorated by the TV with her other toys.

Ashlyn and I had never seen Dinosaur and Aaron only remembered it after we started watching it.  We actually ended up having a movie day and a half since we couldn't do everything the first night.  The children's museum by us had just opened up a dinosaur exhibit (which is why we did Dinosaur instead of Lilo & Stitch like I was going to do) so we went there before dinner.

Dinner (which I did not take a picture of... I keep forgetting!) was Roast Beast (pot roast), Herbivore Delight (salad), and Primordial Mashed Potatoes with Tar Pit Topping (gravy).  Dessert was Fossilized Eggs (Rice Krispies treats in egg shapes).

Besides the museum, we also made dinosaur feet!  I got the idea from Family Fun magazine.  We took two tissue boxes and painted them green.  Then Ashlyn decorated them with bingo/dot markers and taped cardstock "toes" on them. 

They are very hard to walk in, but perfect to roar in (and watch the movie in).  Can you tell we finished these right after dance class?  ;)

I was going to make our own dinosaur dig using rice or sand (kind of like the jewel mining in our Snow White movie night, but with shovels and brushes) and the smaller dinosaur toys, but we found a cool kit at the museum and decided to pick that up.

We also made a volcano!  The vinegar could have used more red food coloring, but Ashlyn thought it was pretty cool!  Before we made the volcano, we showed her some pictures and videos on YouTube of volcanoes erupting. 

This was a fun night and I can't wait to plan our next one!  We will probably go ahead and do Lilo & Stitch.  We've done this before, but it's always fun and we will do some new fun things as well.  See ya real soon!

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