Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking to bring a little Disney to Valentine's Day this Tuesday? Here are a couple ideas I have that I will be doing with my daughter. First of all, her dance class is on Valentine's Day so she will be handing out valentines to her friends and teachers. Ashlyn's Granny Georgia has sent her boxes of valentines before but we never had a big group to give out to before. So I thought the box of Disney Fairies valentines would go perfectly with the tiny flower pots (some are forget-me-nots and some are strawberries) I found in the Dollar Spot at Target.

Tie them together with a pretty ribbon, and it's a great candy-free valentine!

I also found these sugar cookies at Winn-Dixie that will be a lot of fun to make on Tuesday.

I love to bake so it's rare that I get stuff like this, but they were too cute. I'm making a more elaborate dessert on Sunday (since we're having company), plus these will be easy for Ashlyn to help with. She can pretty much do everything (except put them in and out of the oven, of course). I think she'll love it.

Here's another great grocery store find (Publix this time) with valentines, coloring pages, and more.

I also always find great seasonal crafts at the Dollar Store and Valentine's Day was no different.

My parents always used to give me a little gift on Valentine's Day up until I started having boyfriends then they figured they were off the hook. ;) So I thought we'd get Ashlyn a little something. I know she'll love these princess rings (she's really into jewelry right now) and they were at the Dollar Store! Paired with a stuffed animal or balloon, it'll be a super cute gift.

Do you incorporate Disney into Valentine's Day?

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