Monday, January 23, 2012

Start Your Week Off Right

Each Monday I post a quote from Walt Disney, a Disney movie, ride, etc. to keep the Disney spirit going... even on a Monday!

As most of you I'm sure know, President Obama was at Walt Disney World on Thursday to talk about a strategy to boost travel and tourism. But since this is a Disney blog and not a political one, here are a few of his quotes about Walt Disney World. ;) You can read his whole speech here.

"But thank you so much for taking the time. It is great to be here. It is rare that I get to do something that Sasha and Malia envy me for. That doesn’t happen very often. Maybe for once they’ll actually ask me at dinner how my day went. And I confess, I am excited to see Mickey. It’s always nice to meet a world leader who has bigger ears than me."

"That’s part of the reason why people want to come here, because they know our history. They know what the American Dream has been all about. And a place like Disneyland represents that quintessentially American spirit. This image is something that’s recognized all around the world, and this weather is something that people appreciate all around the world, including the northern parts of this country."

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