Friday, October 14, 2011

My Greatest Disney Passion Plus A New Feature!

I introduced myself when I first started this blog and reintroduced myself to my new readers from the Magical Blogorail. I realized that I barely even mentioned my deepest Disney passion. I hit on it a little in my very first post when I talked about being inspired by the obvious love and energy the Imagineers put into their work. But what absolutely just thrills me is learning new bits of trivia and learning about the history of Walt Disney and the world he created.

My favorite pictures of Walt Disney are those of him working. You can just feel the excitement and passion he had. Taken at Walt Disney: One Man's Dream at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

A fairly well-known fact is how Walt Disney created many different companies to buy real estate with in Florida under so no one would suspect what the land was being bought for (which would keep the price from skyrocketing). One of those companies was called M.T. Lotts (Empty Lots). How cool is that?

I absolutely love to find out things I didn't know about Disney. While I could read forever about all things Disney, one site that helps challenge me to find out something I may not have known is Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Every couple of weeks, Jodi has a Giveaway Wednesday where she asks a trivia question then randomly picks a winner of a very cool prize from those who guess correctly. It is so much fun and I'm just always excited to research the answer. :) Plus she really does show how Disney IS school. Math, Art, Economics, everything. Brilliant.

Which brings me to a new feature I want to bring to Disney in Our Blood. There's park hopping, resort hopping, and the ever-debatable pool hopping. Now there's Time Hopping! I want to share with you what I am most passionate about when it comes to Disney by doing research on a subject (like Walt's love for trains) and telling you how it all started and what came of it. And since Aaron, Ashlyn, and I are big movie and television fans and quote random movies often (probably too often), I might just have to include a cool time traveling or history movie quote or something in there. Just for fun. ;) Let me know by email or in the comments if there is a Disney topic that you've been wondering about the history behind it. I plan to run Time Hopping on Thursdays. I really hope you enjoy it.

And please tell me, what are you most passionate about when it comes to Disney?

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  1. Thanks for the sweet shout-out! Congrats on being our winner this week!

    Let's see, what am I most passionate about regarding Disney? Hmm...sharing the magic with others. I think too many people just dismiss Disney as a company that does too much marketing, but they're missing so much wonderful stuff! There's so much depth - like how every attraction has an entire story behind it - and all the details in every little thing. There's so much to discover and it's so much fun doing it! :)