Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Inspiration Behind The Blog

A lot of things inspired me to create this blog... other Disney people, blogs, Disney itself. But my main inspiration is my Dad. It all started with him... okay, well maybe it all started with my Grandma Blake. She took my Dad and his two sisters to Disneyland during the first few months it opened. I want to say within the first few days, but I could be wrong. My dad was 3 and they went back many, many, MANY times after that first trip. Needless to say, my Dad has loved everything Disney his whole life.

So it isn't much of a surprise that when he found the love of his life and they had a daughter, he made sure his daughter went to Disneyland by the time she was 6 months old. Not to mention the many, many, MANY times after that. (Yep, that would be me, Christina.) I grew up adoring everything Disney and it all rubbed off on my wonderful Mom, too.

Now I am grown with a little family of my own. My 21-month-old daughter is a beautiful little princess and has already been to Walt Disney World 3 times (soon to be 4). She is obsessed with Mickey, Minnie, and Ariel. The Disney obsession has also been rubbing off on my wonderful husband. :)

Disney is a huge part of my life, as I know it is for a lot of people. Disney has never NOT been a part of me. Disney means so much more to me than a fun place to vacation. To me it is all about all the details and obvious love and passion the Imagineers put into everything, the joy you see on people's faces when they first see the castle on Main Street, the awe you see on a child's face as they first see their absolute favorite character. Most of all, to me, it is about my family. Disney runs through our veins. We admire Walt Disney and believe in magic. I've had people tell me before that Disney is just for kids. I say a place that all family members can enjoy together, creating fabulous memories that will last a lifetime, all in an environment where it's okay for a grown up to hug a giant mouse and a Mickey ice cream bar is an acceptable breakfast... is meant for everyone.

Thank you, Daddy, for inspiring this blog and introducing me to something as special as the Disney universe.

Now, about this blog... it's not all going to be as serious and mushy as what I said above. Oh goodness no!!! I want a place to share all sorts of things related to Disney... movie night ideas, activities, planning, random news, pictures, and great websites that my Disney family enjoys. I am also hoping to convince my dad, husband, and maybe even some other family members (I'm looking at you, Granny Georgia and Granddaddy Kim, after our September trip!) to write a blog post once in awhile so you can get a glimpse of the view points of different members of the same family. Oh, and just to put it out there, this is an unofficial Disney blog written by an official Disney fan. :)

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  1. Lisa and I are really looking forward to reading all your blog posts. We love Disney as well. :)