Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Night - The Lion King

Now that we're at least a little more settled, I wanted to start up movie nights more often! I want to do one a week until our upcoming trip. We started last weekend with The Lion King!

Since we have little wiggle room in the house at the moment (we have SO. MUCH. STUFF! and we are going through and trying to find places, donate a lot of it, etc.) so we're keeping things a little low key and using the things that we've unpacked so far. :) Anyway, for one activity I printed out a picture of Pride Rock and gave Ashlyn some animal stickers to put on it. She said most of the animals wanted to be in the trees. :)

I also found a tiger mask that Ashlyn had been wanting to make. Yes, I know, there are no tigers in The Lion King, but she had fun. :)

For dinner we had Simba's Pot Roast, Roasted Broccoli Trees, and Cheese Toast (I didn't have a cute name for that one ;) ).

For dessert I wanted to make monkey bread, but I completely forgot to look at the recipe before we went grocery shopping so I didn't know what I needed to get (and we were having the movie night that night so I didn't really feel like running back out lol) so we just got coffee cake and said it would be our monkey bread. lol Hey, it was yummy, so it works for me. :)

Our next movie night will be Bambi! Ashlyn picked out a Bambi book from the library this week and has recently rediscovered (aka we just unpacked it) her stuffed Bambi so it'll be perfect. :)

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  1. I love this here, I am planing on doing these when I get back home, and Lion King is on my list of one that I want to do, though I am looking for great Ideas for it. Right now the only i have planned is Tangled. I have a blog if you would like to check it out.