Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movie Night - Bambi

This past weekend we had our Bambi movie night!

image from Hot DVD

Our decorations were still low key because of all the boxes, but our goal is to have all the boxes cleared by our next Disney trip in 2 weeks so after that I'm hoping to up my decorating game. ;) And, of course, I forgot to take a picture of the decorations we did have. :P But we had Ashlyn's stuffed Bambi and Bambi play set out.

For dinner we had Bambi's Vegetarian Pizza. I forgot to take a picture before dinner, but there were a couple of slices left so I took a pic of those. We almost always make pizza at home now. We like it better than most delivery.

For dessert was Thumper's Carrot Cupcakes. Ashlyn loves to help frost.

I printed out a coloring page for Ashlyn to color while dinner was cooking.

I also printed out Bambi rings to wear during the movie. Ashlyn got first pick and picked Faline. Aaron and I wore the others.

It was a fun night. Aaron almost always skips through the sad part. For Ashlyn's sake, you say? Nah... she's still too young to probably understand what really happened. Aaron just doesn't want to see me bawl like a baby. haha Next weekend we are having a Winnie the Pooh movie night! Only two more movie nights until our trip. YAY!

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