Friday, July 15, 2011

Mickey and the Seal

One of my favorite cartoons happens to be Mickey and the Seal. So much so that I have started to collect anything that has to do with it. There aren't many things at all, which makes it fun for me. I love to have to hunt for new and cool items. I also kinda collect pins, but that's a different post. ;)

The first item that I got that made me want to start a collection is the Vinylmation Mickey and the Seal from the Have A Laugh series.

Isn't it cute? I'm not a big Vinylmation fan so I got it off Ebay so I knew I was getting the one I wanted. I love the detail on the back, too.

My husband also found this wonderful pin.

The frame itself is the pin and can come off the easel. I love it! I've seen a couple of other pins related to Mickey and the Seal but that's about it so far. I really hope Disney comes out with more items! What is your favorite Disney collection?

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