Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 2 - 4

It's time to catch up on days 2 - 4 of the 30 Day Disney Challenge presented by Your Highway in the Sky! You can find day 1 here. I know I was going to post on Sundays, but that would be one really long post, so I'll post a couple of times a week. :)

Day 2: A picture of the character you're most like.

I really wasn't sure about this one. I thought maybe Belle because I love books. Or maybe Aurora or Pocahontas because I love animals and am very passionate about living harmoniously with nature. Since I wasn't sure I took a test! :) I took two, actually, because I found a Disney princess one and a general Disney character one.

Which Disney Princess Are You? from told me I was most like Cinderella. "You share many admirable qualities with the beautiful Cinderella. Clever, loyal, and hard-working are just a few! Kindness is your number one priority even when others aren't so nice ... Plus you both possess an incredible love for animals." That's just a snippet of what it says. It was a fun little quiz. :)

Which Disney Character Are You? from told me I was most like Quasimodo. "You are kind and soft-hearted and do not focus on the fickle things in life. Your personality shines."

Day 3: A picture of your favorite Disney memory.

Wait. What? Like, just one? That's hard! There was our first (and only... so far... totally going back) Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. There was when my Dad met Ashlyn for the first time. There was seeing my Dad's face when he first saw Cinderella's Castle (he's a Disneyland boy). There was the time we got interviewed in front of the castle about the Let the Memories Begin promotion (before it started) and it was on the news that night. All of those, and more, are such wonderful memories and I will write separate posts for all of those. But I think for this I will go ahead with a wonderful Disney memory from our most current trip in January 2011.

The first four trips we have taken as a family, Ashlyn was either too young to care about the characters (aka her first trip at 2 months old) or she liked looking at them but was scared to get close. Our trip in January was a different story. From the very beginning of the day, when we were the second family in line to see the Fairies (we had never made the time to do it before), she LOVED them all and gave hugs and kisses. It was such an incredible feeling seeing her excited to meet all her favorite characters. Especially when it came to Mickey and Aurora. I cried a lot (happy tears) that trip. :) Her favorite was Aurora and they had like a 5 minute conversation. It was so sweet and after Ashlyn gave her a kiss on the cheek, Aurora gave her one back and even left a lipstick mark! Ashlyn was so happy! ♥

Day 4: A picture of the way you know you're at a Disney park.

image from

There are lots of things that make me feel like I'm really "home." Most people will post the Walt Disney World sign and Cinderella's Castle and I will agree with them! But another way that I know I'm really there is the transportation! Especially the first park day. Seeing our bus drive up to take us to whatever park we are going to that day just makes me bounce with excitement! Since we will soon be living closer and may be making day trips we won't be using Disney transportation all the time, though. I will always have the other ways I know I'm at Disney, though. :)

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