Monday, August 2, 2010

Start Your Week Off Right!

Each Monday I post a quote from Walt Disney, a Disney movie, ride, etc. to keep the Disney spirit going... even on a Monday.

I honestly do not know the source of this week's quote. I found it in someone's signature on the DIS Boards and that person did not know who said it, either. :P It is wonderful, nonetheless. If you know who said this, please let me know!

"I first went to Walt Disney World as a child. When I was grown, I worried that I was too old for Disney. But then I realized that Disney World is the one place where I can always be a child. It's a place of innocence and wonder - where dreams DO come true. It's a place where princesses dream, cats scheme, pirates row, and mice sew. It's unapologetically silly, and unbelievably wonderful. The real world, with all of its troubles and woes, doesn't exist at Disney. The very essence of Disney World is magical, but somehow familiar. It's a place where everyone fits in and feels welcome - like the childhood home we all remember or wish we remember. It's like Walt Disney tapped into the unconscious wishes of every child and child-at-heart adult and created a place for us. A place where we can treasure the past and dream of the future - that's Disney World - how could you not love it?" ~author unknown

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