Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Movie Night - The Incredibles

I was very excited about this movie night because Ashlyn is all about super heroes right now.  I knew she would have a blast!  I had to keep this movie night simple to save some money before I start my new job in a few days (I'm getting a bit nervous!).  Anyway, this movie night is just proof that you don't need to go elaborate or buy anything major to have some fantastic fun!

We had Super Hero Subs, Dash's Fast Fries, and Frozone's Sundaes.

(I forgot to take pictures before we ate our sundaes... oops!)

Ashlyn wanted to bring out all her super heroes.  We don't have any Incredibles toys, so this included MetroMan (from MegaMind), Spiderman, a couple of princes (because they save princesses), and of course, a firefighter hat to represent all the real life super heroes.

I also printed out some comic action words!

I tried to keep everything within the color scheme of red, black, and yellow (the napkin looks white, but it's yellow).

We made super hero masks!  I had a feeling Ashlyn would love this since she doesn't have any super hero dress up stuff (she uses blankets as capes and stuff... it's too cute).  I got the templates at Cutesy Crafts, used some foam and yarn I already had (one day soon I want to buy some elastic and make a few super nice masks like at the link), and we decorated them with stickers, gems, and whatever else was lying around.  Most of the stickers Ashlyn picked out wouldn't stick on the foam, hence the tape. 

While I was getting the supplies ready for the masks, Ashlyn requested a coloring page.

We also created our own super heroes, complete with choosing names and super powers!

It was a great time!  I'm thinking our next movie night will be Peter Pan, which gets released from the vault on February 5th!  YAY!

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