Saturday, December 22, 2012

Movie Night - Polar Express

I did have intentions of having another movie night this month (The Santa Clause) but a bunch of stuff got thrown on our plate all at once and it just didn't happen.  I was very excited for our Polar Express movie night, though!

I wasn't too worried about making dinner match the movie since it was all about the hot chocolate and cookies! 

I got this cute printable from It Works for Bobbi!  It says "The bell rings for all who truly believe.  May the magic of Christmas remain in your heart and the sound of the bell in your ear.  Merry Christmas."

I also combined a couple of dollar store decorations to make a little garland for over our couch.

I added a bell to our regular dining room table decorations.

I also put a snowflake tablecloth on and used snow themed plates and napkins.

We did make some cookies for dessert and for Santa's upcoming visit.  This year we made chocolate chip bars and chocolate crinkles.  :)

I printed out a few worksheets for Ashlyn to do (from Living Life Intentionally).

Our big plan was to create our own Polar Express.  A good friend of mine took a ticket she found on Pinterest and personalized it for each of our families.  I absolutely love them!!  And apparently I forgot to take a picture after I had them cut out.  lol  We already watched the movie in our pj's so the plan was that while I read Ashlyn her bedtime story and did everything else in our regular bedtime routine (though a little earlier than usual), Aaron would get some hot chocolate ready and make sure the Christmas station was on in the car.  We would hand Ashlyn her ticket (I had them hidden under her pillow so I could "find" it when I hugged her goodnight) and then we would all get in the car to go look at Christmas lights!  Alas, it started pouring rain before we could do this so we ended up not.  :(  I was disappointed, but at least Ashlyn didn't know what was planned so she wasn't upset or anything.  Anyway, it's definitely something I want to do another time! 

So ends the last movie night of 2012!  Be safe, whatever your plans are, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! 

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