Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Movie Night - Hocus Pocus

Our Halloween movie night series is moving right along!  This week we watched Hocus Pocus.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble Cauldron (soup in a bread bowl)

Witch's Brew (green kool-aid)

Ashlyn had hers in the Disney villains cup we got at WalMart.

And last, but not least, dessert was Midnight Spooks (witch and cat shaped brownies).

We just used our Halloween decorations (we slowly build up our decorations each year).  However, the more witch-oriented you can get, the better!

Our daughter was not feeling well at all, so we kept our activities simple.  She decorated a foam witch's hat.

She also did a "Which Witch is Which?" worksheet (go through the tangled lines to find the witch's broom) and The Witch's Brew worksheet (hidden object coloring sheet).  I also saw this Witch's Stew Game, but we omitted it just because of the not feeling well business.

Hocus Pocus will be airing on ABC Family on October 20th at 8pm!  Will you be watching?


  1. This look like so much fun, sad that I am going to be home for Halloween this year, but I can not wait till I can start doing things with my daughter like this only about 5 weeks left till i see her again.

    1. I really hope that you share some of what you do! All three of us really look forward to having these. :)

    2. I will share, I have my own blog that I started about anything and everythig Disney trying to post once a day in it to keep it going. can not wait to see other movie nights from you

    3. What is your blog? I can't remember if you mentioned in a comment before.