Saturday, September 15, 2012

Movie Night - Finding Nemo

Our latest movie night was "righteous! Righteous!"  We wanted to celebrate Finding Nemo coming back to theaters.

Bruce's "I'm having fish(sticks) tonight!"
Anemone and cheese (with Goldfish crackers on top "swimming")
Phish food (by Ben & Jerry's)

Another cute snack idea would be these rice cakes covered with blue-tinted cream cheese and decorated with vegetables and mini Goldfish crackers (found in Family Fun magazine).

We already had so much snacks from our Epcot night, though (more on that another day), that we went simple with the frozen yogurt.

Minnie was dressed for the occasion with some goggles.

We made jellyfish and other sea creatures to hang from the ceiling to create our own underwater world.

Any water/ocean themed activity would be great.  Go to the beach, print off some coloring pages or educational worksheets, the sky ocean's the limit!

Ashlyn had class on Friday night so we went to go see the movie the next day (though we didn't end up going to class because she hurt her ankle).  It was nice to just make a whole morning of it.  Breakfast under our ocean, go to the theater early to get snacks and a good seat, then enjoy the movie.  We rarely go see the 3D version, but since it was just a mommy/daughter outing, we splurged.  :)  I wanted to post this as soon as we got home in case you also want to celebrate the re-release!  Have fun!

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  1. Cute little movie night! If I ever do another Nemo night I am totally using balloons instead of paper plates for the jellyfish!