Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brave Themed Birthday Party

So it's official... my little girl is now 4 years old!  We had our usual Disney birthday celebration for her, but the weekend before we left we had a small party with friends and some family.  Ever since Ashlyn first saw the previews for Brave, she said she wanted to be Merida for Halloween and that she wanted a Brave party.  Well, that idea never changed so that's what happened!

Here's our front door (since we had the party at home).

I had won a contest for some free party printables from Petite Party Studio. She worked with me and custom-made some Brave-inspired things!  Here's the banner.

There were also party dots that I put on the cake pops and food labels that I will show you soon.

 I also took a little green swag from Michaels and attached some blue LED lights to it to represent the wisps.  I couldn't get a great picture of it, but it looked really cool.

Here is a picture of the whole food table.

We had "Will-o'-the-Wisps" aka blue cotton candy (found this idea through Disney Donna Kay's party board).

"Standing Stones of Callanish" aka carrots and ranch dressing.

Empire Biscuits, though instead of making the cookie and getting raspberry preserves, I just bought Jammie Dodgers since they are the same thing and hubby helped make the icing and put the maraschino cherries on top.

"Queen Elinor's Bejeweled Cake Pops" plus a special cupcake on top just for Ashlyn.

We also had "Mini Hamish Sandwiches" aka ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, "Witch's Magical Mystery Brew" aka green kool-aid, and "Water from the Fire Falls" aka plain ol' water bottles.  :)  I didn't take individual pictures of these, but you can see them in the big food table picture.  There was also a picture of Merida with some figurines of the three bears in front of it (I don't really want to say a whole lot about the movie just in case someone hasn't seen it yet).  There were also cups that were meant to look a little like goblets for our royal guests.

It was a small party since we don't know many people here yet, but the girls colored some Brave coloring pages and had an archery contest.  We used Ashlyn's cute suction cup bow and arrow and there was a big target on our back door.

The other little girl was mainly interested in playing with Ashlyn's kitchen so in between eating, gifts, and the activities I had out, they just wanted to have a tea party.  :)

For favors we gave out stickers, gummy snacks, a foam bow and arrow set, green nail polish, lip gloss necklace, and a bear snack.

The bear snack was super easy and fun to make.  Though I couldn't find my black edible marker to make some of the details (curses!).  I found it over on Hungry Happenings (love that site). 

A lot of these ideas can be used for a movie night, too.  I know I'll be using some of the decorations (like the greenery with the wisps) and maybe some of the snack ideas for when Brave is released on Blu Ray in November!


  1. Great party! The bear pops were adorable!

  2. ADORABLE party! I might have to snag the idea for my girls 6th birthday this year!

  3. very cute! Where did you get your foam bow and arrows from? Thanks:)

    1. Here is the website where I ordered it from!

  4. Great party!! Love the Bear Snack cookies!!

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  6. Brave Themed Birthday Party! It looks very enjoyable. Last photo: bear snack was lovely. I adore this entire party set up. My son will also turn 8 in this summer and I am going to book the best convention center for his Disney inspired party. Hopefully will be successful at it.