Friday, August 31, 2012

Movie Night - A Bug's Life

Our latest movie night was all about bugs!  A Bug's Life, to be exact.  Our family loves this movie.  Ashlyn hadn't seen it in awhile so it was fun to see her reaction now that she's a little older.  She thought it was fun.  I love hearing her laugh and seeing what she thinks is funny.  Anyway, here's what we did for the movie!

We had a picnic in the living room!  Sub sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit (not pictured).  If the weather is right and you have the opportunity, definitely have a picnic outside.  I think that would be fantastic.

We had "ants on a log" for a snack (celery stuffed with peanut butter with raisins on top).  I think trail mix would be a cute idea for a snack, too, to represent all the grain and seeds the ants collect in the movie.

Honestly, we didn't have any besides the blanket and picnic basket on the floor.  I tried to find some non-creepy looking bug toys to decorate with at the Dollar Store, but didn't find much (I wasn't about to spend a bunch of money on stuff Ashlyn wouldn't want afterward... she's not a fan of most bugs... only animated ones and "cute" ones like butterflies... I don't know where she got that from her mom).  Some bug catching nets or things like that would be cute to have around, too.  I did see some other family's movie nights where they dress up their stuffed Mickey to celebrate the movie and I thought that was a wonderful idea.  So here is Minnie wearing some antennae (more on that in a second). 

Ashlyn colored while I got a few things together and before we went out to get the subs. (And yes, she is wearing dog ears. lol  She was playing dress up before this.)

I put some antennae on a few headbands so we could all be "honorary bugs" during the movie.  I just cut a pipe cleaner in half, wrapped one end around the headband and wrapped the other around a pom pom (bonus idea for any alien type movie night you have coming up, too ;) ).

Another fun idea would be to make your own inventions, like Flik, out of stuff around the house.  If you have a kid who is not afraid of bugs or getting dirty (ie. not my kid), you could also go on a bug hunt! 

Our next movie night coming up will be based on Epcot and feature probably The Three Caballeros!  Look for that early next month.

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