Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dressing the Part

Have you ever wanted to bring a little Disney magic into your wardrobe?  I simply adore browsing Disneybound.  Here, Leslie puts together outfits that are inspired by Disney characters (and some non-Disney characters every now and then) along with some other great gems, like artwork and news, sprinkled in.  One outfit that reeled me in awhile back is based on Briar Rose.

My Halloween costume this year is inspired by one of her outfits, actually.  But I will talk about that more closer to when Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party starts up.  She even does outfits inspired by Disney rides, lands, and anything you could think of.  If you don't see your favorite, she also takes requests!  Go visit her when you have a little time to spare because there is a lot of eye candy!


  1. This is really cool, I've never seen it before! Thanks for the link!

  2. I love looking at DisneyBound Collections! So creative!