Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Color Me Jealous

Yep, I am wishing I was at WDW right now for One More Disney Day. But, alas, I cannot be. However, that leaves me in a very Disney mood so I started thinking what park I would want to spend an extra day in. And that is a very hard question for me! I usually would automatically say the Magic Kingdom, but I decided to focus on the other three parks because I haven't had much of a chance to really explore any of them. We've been to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom once and Epcot twice. When I think I finally decide on which park I would most like to explore first, I think of reasons to visit another instead. :) So here are some things I'm looking forward to experiencing in the parks next time I can and I would love your suggestions on what to do. Planning is half the fun!

At Epcot, I really want to stop at all the Kidcot Stations for Ashlyn, too. I think she'd have a blast! I would also love to look more at the details and shops of the World Showcase and taste more of the food. What food or snack do you most recommend here?

At Animal Kingdom, I'm not really sure where to begin. We've actually only had a half day here. Of course I want to ride Kilamanjaro Safaris again and look at all the intricate carvings in the Tree of Life. I might even use the Baby Swap option with Aaron to ride Expedition Everest. I haven't ridden a roller coaster in a very long time! But what little, more "hidden" things do you recommend?

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, I most certainly want to spend more time in Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. I also want to go on all the rides here. Star Tours, Tower of Terror... I'm excited just thinking about it. I haven't been on the new version of Star Tours (or at all in Florida, actually) and I loved the Tower of Terror in Anaheim so I want to ride it again. Plus the ones I've never experienced at all. And the shows are awesome. I also really want to experience The Magic of Disney Animation. I also.... okay, let me stop there. There's a LOT I want to do here. :) Any fun secrets or yummy treats (I've already had the famous carrot cake cookie... yum!) that I need to discover?

Thank you for dreaming of Disney a little with me! I would love to hear what your favorite things to do in each park are!


  1. Reading this has me all excited about a trip to Disneyland we've talked about taking next year! I'm in the mood to start planning it now! In fact after I read your post I immediately called my sister. haha

  2. One of my favorite snacks in Epcot is the Napoleon from Boulangerie Patisserie in the France Pavilion. Also at Karamell Kuche in the Germany Pavilion, they serve fresh made caramel popcorn that is just delicious. Of course they have several other treats in there too that I would love. Even better, you can see the cast members creating the treats! In Animal Kingdom, I highly recommend taking some time to really explore Maharajah Jungle Trek and the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. By the way, I wish I were in WDW for the One More Disney Day too! :-)