Monday, January 2, 2012

Start Your Week Off Right

Each Monday I post a quote from Walt Disney, a Disney movie, ride, etc. to keep the Disney spirit going... even on a Monday!

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Aladdin: "Oh, you sure showed me. Now about my three wishes..."
Genie: "Dost mine ears deceive me? "Three?" You are down by one, boy!"
Aladdin: "Ah, no, I never actually wished to get out of the cave. You did that on your own."
[the Genie's mouth drops]
Genie: "Oh. Well, I feel sheepish."
[turns into a sheep]
Genie: "All right, you baaaaaad boy. But no more freebies."

Some cool trivia about Aladdin, found at

* In early development, Aladdin resembled Michael J. Fox. As the film developed, Jeffrey Katzenberg didn't think Aladdin had enough appeal to women, so he asked that Aladdin be beefed up a bit to resemble Tom Cruise.

* Jasmine's appearance was influenced by Jennifer Connelly, as well as the sister of Jasmine's animator, Mark Henn.

* Originally, the peddler who introduces the movie would be revealed to be the Genie at the end - hence the fact that Robin Williams voiced him, too. Notice the similarities in the design of the two, especially the eyebrows, the beard, and the four-fingered hands (all other human characters have five fingers). -----> I never noticed those similarities. I guess I know one thing I'll be looking for when we do this movie night soon!

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