Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Movie Night - Tinker Bell

Thanks to our first ever movie night poll, we watched Tinker Bell for our latest movie night!

There are endless cute ideas for fairy parties or whatnot, so here is what we came up with. In the above picture you see we decorated with Ashlyn's Tinker Bell toys and her wings as well as a poster that came from a sticker book (picture of that in a bit). My husband helped me build a tree out of poster board and paper to make our own Pixie Hollow (done while Ashlyn was sleeping so it would be a surprise). I also cut out pictures of the fairies (meant to be made into shrink charms, but I didn't have the materials) and taped them to the wall. It would be super cute to make these double-sided and hang them from the tree, too.

When she woke up, she colored a fairy door to add to it.

I also had a Tinker Bell sticker book and a couple of sticker packs (I have more of the packs, but just don't ask me where they are at the moment no idea) that we put together.

For dinner we had tiny fairy food! Popcorn shrimp, fairy fruit wand
s (well, they were supposed to be fairy wands, but I didn't have bamboo sticks or something similar like I thought I did. One or two were made on toothpicks, though. Oh well!), and salad bites (ceasar salad on parmesan cheese crisps).

To drink was fairy punch (raspberry sorbet in 7-up).

Dessert was mini strawberry cupcakes.

It was a blast to put together and Ashlyn is still pretending to be a fairy under that tree. :)

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  1. Love the cupcakes! Those are adorable! We just bought the Tinker Bell movie (joined the Disney movie club), so I plan to use some of your ideas! We have the princess and Cars sticker books - Ihad no idea there was also a Tinker Bell one. I will be on the look out for that. Great ideas, as always!!