Thursday, December 8, 2011

Highlighting Your Favorite Ornaments

I've had this idea for a couple of years to put three wreaths above our couch to showcase our favorite ornaments. And you know that one of them was going to be Disney ornaments! :) I never just went and bought three wreaths, though, because it can add up and when I would shop after Christmas sales (I try to get most of my decorations for all holidays during the after sales) there were either no wreaths or none that "matched." However, Michaels had these on sale for $2 each for one day so I went and snatched them up! Now, please excuse the fact that they aren't perfect. I was so excited that I just threw them up and put some ornaments on them. I still want to play with them a bit and the one on the left (the one that will have only ornaments made by my daughter) will have more than two soon. :) Anyway, here is a picture of all three.

From left to right: ornaments made by my daughter, ornaments that are about my husband and me (1st Christmas married, stuff from our honeymoon/anniversaries), and Disney.

Here is a close-up of our Disney one.

We surprisingly don't have a ton of Disney ornaments yet. I definitely want to make sure that isn't true next year, though. I already have two ornaments on my wish list for Santa to bring this year. ;) We do have a few more on our tree, though. Each year we get Ashlyn a new ornament so when she moves out YEARS from now, she'll have a set for her very own tree. I did not want to put those on the wreath since they are special for her, but here they are.

1st Christmas:

2nd Christmas:

4th Christmas (this year - it plays "A Dream Is A Wish" when you press a button):

Yep, so far 3 of her 4 Christmases have been marked with Disney ornaments. :) The 4th ornament (that she got last year) was Elmo, in case you were curious. I honestly couldn't tell you what one is my favorite. I do want a certain Chip & Dale one that may just be coming home with me next time we're at the Disney Store, though, so Santa has one less thing to worry about. THAT one will probably become my favorite. Do you have a favorite Disney ornament?


  1. I love this! What a great idea to showcase your Disney ornaments!

    I have so many Disney ornaments, it's hard to pick one. Some standouts that come to mind are the Evil Queen and a big Mickey head that had my wedding anniversary date painted on it at WDW.

  2. What a great idea! I may have to do this too. My parents have been giving me ornaments since I was born and I continued the tradition with my children, so we have plenty of ornaments that do not even fit on our trees!