Friday, October 7, 2011

Movie Night - Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I've been wanting to do a pirate night for awhile now and the release of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD was the perfect time!

image from Wikipedia

Ashlyn first made a pirate hat.

She was making Ariel swim around and sang "swim away, crocodile" from the "Roll up the Map" song.

Then she went on a treasure hunt to find more pirate treasure which included a spy glass, eye patch, and a couple of temporary tattoos for her to choose from. The map tells her to go from her room (bed), to the living room (TV), to the backyard (plants).

She picked the Izzy tattoo. I was honestly surprised she didn't pick Captain Hook because, as much as she's obsessed with princesses, she loves Captain Hook!

I didn't take any pictures, but Aaron had a Bucky (the ship) tattoo and I had Scully (the parrot). :)

For dinner we had Awwww, Coconuts Shrimp (one of the characters, Cubby, is always saying Awwww, coconuts! when something goes wrong), spring roll-ed up maps, and grape cannonballs.

Dessert was treasure map cupcakes!

Ashlyn was pretty grumpy that day so she wasn't really into everything, but once she calmed down we all had a lot of fun. I always want to do more with the decorations, but as much as I plan, it still sneaks up on me. :) Especially this week because so much was going on! But our next couple of movie nights are going to be Halloween inspired and I am very excited! I hope you like them, too. :)


  1. What a great idea! We do a lot of themed dinners but have never made our movie nights themed! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is just too cute! After I read your spooky buddies post, I backtracked and found this! I love the idea! :)

  3. I ordered this CD for my son who is 2 years old. We love the stars of the band - Skarky & Bones. The guys did a great job with the music. I love this CD, it is a kid's CD that I can listen to over and over again. If you are on the fence listen to track 10!!! The only thing that could be better is if Disney came out with a DVD of music video's for the songs. This is a great purchase for the price, totally worth it!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on the CD! We love the one that came with the DVD so we may get the full one one day. I agree, Sharky and Bones are the best. :)


    1. If I remember correctly, I think it came with one of the mailings I got from the Disney Movie Club awhile back. Thanks for stopping by!