Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Trip is Coming Up!

I am wicked excited (oh, wow... no pun intended, I swear haha) that our Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party trip is next week! There has been some awesome changes to our plans, though. Originally we were going to go just for the party and stay the night at Wilderness Lodge (SO excited!) before leaving the next day. Well, on our recent spontaneous trip we bought 4 day military discount passes and we still have 3 days on them. Since we plan on buying annual passes next month, we sat down to decide when to use those 3 days. We decided to go ahead and add a few days to our MNSSHP trip! YAY!

Now, one thing that I have learned from reading fellow Disney bloggers and the DIS boards (I'm BabyEeyore on those boards, by the way ;) ), is that it is a really good idea to prioritize what you want to do at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. There is so much to do and see that you may not be able to do it all in one party. Last year was our first party and our priorities this year are about the same as then but with a few tweaks.

Last year, Ashlyn was Cinderella for Halloween. So our #1 priority was getting a picture in front of Cinderella's Carriage! The carriage is beautiful and it was just the perfect picture op. :) The line can get pretty long, though, so we did that first thing.

This year we have a similar #1 priority. Ashlyn will be Rapunzel so first thing will be finding Rapunzel and Flynn!!

The next two things that were important to us were the parade and the fireworks.

The Headless Horseman comes by about 15 minutes before the start of the parade. It's hard to get a good picture, but he's awesome. The Grave Diggers were one of my favorite parts of the parade, too. The fireworks are incredible, too. Can't wait to see them again next week!

Another thing we loved about the party was looking at everyone's costumes. Hey, look!!

I FOUND WALDO!!! (hee hee) Actually, Waldo and his friend Mario (from Super Mario Bros., of course) were super nice. They said we could sit in front of them for the parade so Ashlyn could see. :) We were able to do one or two other things last year before Ashlyn got super tired (we were with my in-laws, too, and we felt bad keeping them out later than we had originally planned... the party was a kinda last minute decision). This year we're planning on keeping the first half of the day very calm and restful so maybe we'll be able to do more this year! A new priority (for me, at least) is to take advantage of the awesome Photopass opportunities at the Haunted Mansion. And to find the lady "ghost" that hangs out around there at the party. I've heard she's a lot of fun! What are your favorite things to do at MNSSHP?


  1. I seriously wish you lived in California so we could meet at Disney and so you could help me prioritize our trip to Mickey's Halloween Party! I don't really have many expectations right now (or even know what to expect) other than seeing as many characters as we can (I know Dawson will love them) and everybody just having fun.

  2. I am always willing to do some research and help you out, even if I'm in Florida. :) It would be so much fun to go together, though! I think that's an awesome frame of mind to go with, though, just wanting to see characters and have fun. I think it's when you expect to go and do everything that you start to get worn out and may not have as much fun. I feel that way about any day at the parks, though. :)

  3. You must have spent a lot of days at the park to go for the annual pass!! I love our military salute tickets and hope they still have some kind of discount after they stop this package in September!! Exciting about the Halloween party.. it looks like so much fun!