Saturday, September 24, 2011

MNSSHP Costumes!

Okay, I almost don't want to share this picture because I look horrible but I really wanted to share our costumes that we wore to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on Sept. 20th.

Ashlyn was Rapunzel, complete with a braided wig with flowers in it and a frying pan. Aaron and I wore purple shirts with suns on it and they said "King of Corona" and "Queen of Corona." We got a lot of great comments on our costumes. Not everyone understood Aaron's and my costumes because not everyone knows Rapunzel's kingdom is called Corona. But those who got it got a kick out of them. Even Rapunzel said that she was going to tell her mom and dad about our costumes. :)

Now, the biggest hit was Ashlyn, of course. Especially her frying pan! As soon as we walked into the Princess/Prince meet and greet, Flynn flinched and told her to be careful of his nose. :) The first ones we met, though, were Cinderella and Prince Charming. As soon as Cinderella saw Ashlyn she said "oh my goodness, she has a frying pan!!!" It was really funny.

I will share more pictures from the party on Wednesday for my Wordless Wednesday post. The party was a blast and I am currently trying to convince Aaron to go to a second one. ;)

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