Friday, August 6, 2010

Spotlight Friday

Each Friday I shine the spotlight on a Disney-related site that I have found and enjoy. I know I love discovering new (or at least new to me!) Disney websites and blogs and want to pass them on to you!

This week I want to feature the website of a very nice, talented man who writes "Disney inspired, mouse-sized poetry" otherwise known as Mouse of Zen!

I first heard one of J. B. Conway's Disney haikus when someone I follow on Twitter retweeted it. I immediately started following him! One of my favorite haikus so far has been:

hot chocolate eyes | burn a smile deep in my soul | daughter, a princess

I may be partial to that one because it reminds me of my daughter. :) But that is just one of many wonderful haikus! He has a book filled with these coming out in just a couple of short months, appropriately named Mouse of Zen. I am very much looking forward to adding it to my Disney library and recommend you pick it up, too!

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  1. thanks so much! glad you enjoy the haiku. book maybe by midSept if the uploads to the publisher server going correctly 1st go-around

    -----MOUSE OF ZEN-------