Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Night - The Little Mermaid

Our most recent movie night was The Little Mermaid. I was extra excited about this one because it is one of my daughter's favorite movies. To make it a little extra special, we put some tissue paper up on the dining room ceiling (wanted to use streamers, but they don't sell any here on island) along with some sea creatures that my daughter helped create and we dined under the sea. (Thank you Jamie for the streamer/tissue paper idea! And please excuse the mess... we're selling Ashlyn's old baby clothes so the boxes are stacked up in the dining room right now and things are just all over the place in there.)

Here are a couple close-ups of the sea creatures.

For dinner we had chicken salad in pita boats sailing a bed of green bean seaweed next to a shore of shell pasta with cheese sauce.

Another one of my friends gave me the idea to make a French dessert since the chef in the movie is French. I thought this was a fabulous idea so I mixed that with the idea my husband had to make some sort of red dessert (for Ariel's hair) and we had strawberry creme crepes (which we forgot to take a picture of).

After dinner we headed back to the human world (aka our living room) with our tickets (another thanks to Jamie) to enjoy the movie.

We won't be doing another movie night for a few weeks, but the next one will be Winnie the Pooh! We're going to be doing a movie morning to celebrate the fact that we have a breakfast ADR for Crystal Palace for our upcoming September Walt Disney World trip!


  1. I LOVE the way your decorations turned out!!! How fun! And the way you made the pita stand up looks cool. (I am totally craving a pita now!)

  2. Yum chicken salad in a pita! Everything looks perfect!